Dental Blue for Individuals

Dependable Affordable Dental Insurance

Dental Blue for Individuals gives individuals and families more reliable options when it comes to dental health:

  • The ability to choose any licensed dentist in North Carolina
  • Save money by choosing a participating specialist
  • Checkups and cleanings covered twice per benefit period

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Take Care of Your Dental Health

Medical research shows a connection between dental health and many serious health conditions, including diabetes, coronary heart disease to name just a few.1

Let Dental Blue help you take care of your dental health.

Choose Your Dentist

Dental Blue makes dental insurance quick and easy:

  1. Schedule an appointment with any licensed dentist.
  2. Show your BCBSNC member ID card at the dentist's office when you arrive.
  3. File your claim (although many dentist offices will file for you).

Dental Checkups and Cleanings are Covered

There's no waiting period for preventive services (A waiting period is the time from your effective date to the day you can receive benefits for a covered dental service.) Checkups and cleanings are covered twice per benefit period.

Reliable and Convenient Dental Coverage

With Dental Blue, you get:

  • A convenient monthly premium
  • The freedom to see any licensed dentist in NC or participating dentist or choose one from our expansive network
  • No deductible and no waiting period for preventive services
  • Coverage for basic services (routine fillings or extractions) and major services (crowns, dentures and bridges)*

* Dental Blue for Individuals is not part of the covered health insurance benefits of any BCBSNC plans. Dental Blue for Individuals must be purchased separately.

1 "The Health Perils of Gum Disease." (Accessed June 2011).


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